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Empowering healthcare entrepreneurs in their pursuit of professional freedom, by simplifying every process required to run their practice on the go.

The Problems

Complex Operational Processes & Workflows

Collection, Retention & Storage of Medical Recorder

Costly Overhead Costs

Lack of Time

The Solution

Increase Productivity & Decrease Operational Costs

Get organized and create structure with proper processes

Improve Patient Experience

Create a Unique Experience & Build Client Loyalty.

Risk Management & Quality Assurance

Build sustainability in your business

Target Market

+50,000 self employed healthcare providers in Canada

The Competition


Has been in the market since 2011 and has established itself as a leader in the industry in the Lower Mainland mainly for small and medium Allied Healthcare clinics (Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists. Compared to CompanyOn’s offerings, Jane’s membership plans are expensive and some of its features are complex to implement at first and limited for some healthcare practitioners.


Launched in 2017. Backed by the insurance industry. It targets clinics. Have a good marketing strategy. Offers integration for insurance claims via their platform. Compare to CompanyOn, its membership plans are more expensive.


In the market since the early 2000’s. Based in Quebec, has established partnership with different healthcare associations in eastern Canada. Its features are complex to implement at first and limited for some healthcare practitioners.


In the market since the early 2000’s from Australia. Has expanded internationally. Its servers are not located in Canada, preventing practitioners to fulfill their professional obligations.

Current User


Current MRR: $800

Current Costumers: 23

The Product


Complex processes expensive plans fees Terminal payment machines Limited trial membership


Membership fee plans Complex processes
Time spent in performing tasks


Easy to use workflows processes Incorporation of new features Automated processes


Online intake forms online payments Online booking

CompanyOn`s Financial Projections

Business Model


(Free) advertisement is run on this version: Access to all features, limited to one practitioner, a limited number of patients and limited cloud storage.


Access to all features, up to 3 practitioners, unlimited patients and limited cloud storage.


Access to all features, unlimited number of practitioners, unlimited number of patients and unlimited cloud storage.

Competitive Advantages

Low cost associated with product development and Business Operation:

CompanyOn’s focus is on identifying unmet users’ needs, lowest costs and innovative methods to meet those needs. It uses novel research techniques such assessment of unmet needs through observation, as well as leverage Web 2.0 techniques like crowdsourcing and open innovation to identify features and capabilities that customers need through its online community. These techniques allow CompanyOn to secure rapid feedback on product ideas while meeting aggressive time-to-market goals.

Community building:

CompanyOn offers a space where small business owners drive leads and prospects, generate referrals, land new business, build trusted relationships, and share great advice. Healthcare entrepreneurs get the industry answers they need, connect within their local business community or across the country, and increase buzz for their business.

Data confidentiality and security:

CompanyOn’s servers are located in Canada. It uses the latest technology in safety to ensure that all healthcare practitioners can meet their professional obligations. All data created is owned by the practitioner, it is kept confidential and in a secure manner.


CompanyOn beats out its electronic clinical management software competitors by offering premium features and competitive and affordable pricing. In the segment, CompanyOn is the only platform offering a free plan with no expiration date, in addition to more affordable plans for the pro and premium options.

Accessibility & Convenience:

As a cloud-based platform, CompanyOn can be accessed from anywhere at any time. On a phone, tablet or laptop.

Built by healthcare professionals:

CompanyOn is built by its users. Based on their feedback, CompanyOn creates simple, effective and efficient solutions to meet everything that is required to establish, maintain and grow an independent practice. Keeping always in mind regulatory and professional obligations.

Strategic Partnership:

CompanyOn has partnered with Stripe for the provision of online payments processing. This allows the practitioner to receive payments from anywhere at any time for the services they provided without the use of a terminal machine. Its goal is to continue finding partnership that not only benefits its business model, but also that of its users.





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Word-of-mouth marketing




Team Management

Alejandro Otero
Alejandro Otero


Nurse with clinical and regulatory nursing experience, both in policy development and regulatory compliance.

Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez


Data analyst, project management / product development, computer programming, financial modeling.

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Alejandro Otero – CEO
[email protected]

Alejandro Lopez
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